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Harvard's Crisis of Faith

Can a secular university embrace religion without sacrificing its soul?

Harvard likes to regard itself as the best of the best. Yet even public universities—the University of Texas, Arizona State, and Indiana University, for example—generate more excitement around the subject of religion than Harvard does. A new religious-studies program at the University of Minnesota was launched last year; already it has more than 50 majors. "I have just been amazed at the breadth of the embrace that we have received here," says Jeanne Kilde, a professor of classics and Near Eastern studies who runs the program.
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History of Religion Tops Historians' Research Interests

According to the American Historical Association, the most frequently selected field of interest among their members in 2009 was "history of religion," which was selected by 7.7% of the 15,055 members. Religion nudged out Cultural History for the top spot by a mere .2% More information can be found at:

A New Found Religion? The Field Surges among AHA Members

Specialists in religious history recently surpassed all other topical categories in our annual look at AHA members, raising interesting questions about what is attracting fresh interest in the field.
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